Local Elections take place on Thursday 4 May, 2023 and now is the time to ensure that you are registered to vote as well as check you have an acceptable form of photo ID to take with you to the polling station or register for a free voter authority certificate if required.

If you are not already registered to vote, the easiest way to do so is online at Register to vote and the deadline for this is Monday 17 April, 2023.

If you want to vote by post, you will have to fill in an application form by 5pm on Tuesday 18 April, 2023. The form and further details on what to do are at Apply for a postal vote | City Of Wolverhampton Council.

For those who wish to vote by proxy (a proxy vote allows you to name someone to cast your vote for you (like a relative or close friend), please ensure that you are registered to do so no later than 5pm on Tuesday 25 April, 2023. More details are available at Apply for a proxy vote.

Councillor Stephen Simkins, Deputy Council Leader, said: “Voting matters and it’s important that everyone who can, does so – use your vote, don’t lose your vote. 

“That’s why it’s vital not to miss both these key deadlines as well as to remember that Government legislation now means that these are the first elections where voters must show an acceptable form of photographic identification in the polling station before being issued with their ballot paper.

“If you don’t have an acceptable form of photo ID, then you can get a free voter authority certificate instead.”

You can apply online at Apply for photo ID to vote (called a ‘Voter Authority Certificate’) - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk).

If you are unable to apply online or can’t provide a valid photograph with your application, then come along to the drop-in sessions at the Civic Centre each weekday between 10am and 3pm – there is no need to book.

At these sessions, we can complete your application with you, including taking a photograph. Just make sure you are registered to vote before you apply, and it helps if you have your National Insurance number when requesting a voter authority certificate. Please note the deadline for voter authority certificate applications is 5pm on Tuesday 25 April.

You can also get help to apply for a free voter authority certificate by calling 01902 551177 or at Voter ID

Find out all you need to know for the forthcoming local elections at Elections and Voting.