City of Wolverhampton Council is opening up access to housing for young people and families by removing the age restriction on some of its flats.

Currently 10% of the council's housing stock is reserved for people over a designated minimum age - largely 30 years old - while families with younger children are also unable to access age designated flats.

A series of recommendations are being put forward to Cabinet on 23 March 23 to improve accessibility to housing for those on the housing register.

An exception would see the minimum age designation of at least 50 remain in place for former sheltered flats, where older people live with people of a similar age in a supportive environment which includes communal facilities.

Councillor Peter Bilson, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for City Assets, said: "It is important the council make the best use of its housing stock.

"It accounts for nearly a quarter of all housing in the city and supplies homes to those most in housing need.

"Changing our Allocations Policy will enable us to open up more affordable housing to young people - and make more quality family accommodation available to families in need of 2 bedroom homes."

Following consultation on the proposed changes with affected tenants there were concerns over a perceived increase in anti social behaviour and issues arising from inter-generational living.

These fears have been allayed with reassurances from the council there will be tight controls in place and strong action taken against anti social behaviour.

A series of responses to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) have also been prepared for tenants, which can be viewed at Type=links;Linkid=7058;Title=Access to council flats opened up to all ages;Target=_blank;.

  • released: Wednesday 16¬†March, 2016