He loves city breaks, dance music and DJing and at just 23 years old Harmanjot Cheeta is not exactly your typical Meals on Wheels client.

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But the part time music producer from Tettenhall, Wolverhampton, has become the city's youngest ever Meals on Wheels customer after ordering his Sunday dinner from the service.

Harmanjot, who also works in the council's customer services team, was delighted to discover he could get a hot roast dinner and a pudding delivered to his doorstep for less than £5 - meaning he can relax and save himself the effort of cooking.

He was so impressed with his cottage pie followed by lemon sponge and custard that he has become a repeat customer.

He said: "I work in the council's customer contact centre and I sit by a colleague who regularly deals with Meals on Wheels calls.

"It all started when, half joking, they suggested that I order myself Sunday lunch from Meals on Wheels as they knew I probably wouldn't feel like cooking if I'd been out the night before.

"I was pleasantly surprised to find out that anybody could actually request Meals on Wheels and you don't need to be elderly or go through any sort of assessment.

"I looked at the menu which had lots of choice and decided I should try it out.

"It was delivered right on time, and the delivery driver was very friendly and very professional.

"The cottage pie was tasty and fresh -  the portion size was more than adequate. The lemon sponge was banging.

"I have already booked to use the service again. My friends are keen to try it as well."

While the Meals on Wheels service primarily caters for elderly and vulnerable people, it is available to anybody in the city who wants it.

Tina Lauchlan, catering manager at City of Wolverhampton Council, said "It is great to see younger people like Harmanjot using the service and encouraging other people to do the same.

"We try to make the service as accessible and affordable as we can without compromising on quality.

"Hopefully other people who might not have considered Meals on Wheels before will see this and realise that they can in fact use the service too."

For residents of Wolverhampton, a main meal and dessert costs £4.55 and afternoon tea can also be provided for £2.50.

Anyone living within a 4 mile radius of the city boundary, and whose own council does not provide the same service, pay £4.90 for a hot meal and £2.75 for afternoon tea.

For more information call the Meals on Wheels service on 01902 556677 or email mealsonwheels@wolverhampton.gov.uk

  • released: Wednesday 26 July, 2017