If you would like to organise a street party, please complete the ‘Application for a Street Party’. You will need to provide four weeks’ notice.

Government guidance on street parties does not require a formal risk assessment or public liability insurance and Wolverhampton’s Public Events Safety Advisory Group will work with any residents wanting to organise a street party, to help them deliver a safe and successful event. There is no charge for their advice.

Street parties are for residents of that street only and are not for business purposes. If you are a business wanting to organise an outdoor event, please visit Outdoor events.

Please note, that if you live on a busy road, including dual carriageways, or there is a bus route, the Council might not be able to support your event.

You will need to be considerate of neighbours who don’t want to participate or require access to their property throughout the day.

Your event should finish no later than 23:00, unless it is on New Years’ Eve when it may finish at 01:00.

If you have a query about street parties please contact communities@wolverhampton.gov.uk, where one of the team will be happy to help.

Apply for a Street Party

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You must contact all affected properties about this application. You should write to them with all the details and ask if they have any objections before filling out this form.

Street parties are only suitable on quiet residential streets. Unfortunately, if you live on busy roads, we will reject your application.

The council wants to make sure most people are happy with this event. If there are any objections you should let us know.

We may be able to help you resolve any objections. Not everyone will be able to take part, so let everyone know what time the party will start and end. You may want to finish by 9pm to minimise noise complaints.

The Council might reject your event on public nuisance grounds and its decision is final.

For more guidance, please visit Your guide to organising a street party - GOV.UK

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Event details

Street party address

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Reason for event

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Road Details

Does a bus route run along this road?

Will the event take place in the carriageway (road)?

Safety details

Has a risk assessment for the event been completed?

Is a fire risk assessment in place?

Attraction details

Will there be any fireworks at the event?

Is there food and drink being served at the event?

Will there be music or other sound broadcast at the event?

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Is it proposed to attach any bunting/banners/signage to street furniture as part of the event?

Are you happy for us to advise the media of your event as they may wish to attend?

Resident/Business Information

Have most residents agreed to this event?

Have you already consulted all premises about the road closure?

Due to the road closure, have you consulted businesses in the wider area ?