A personal licence allows you to sell alcohol and authorise sales of alcohol under the authority of a premises licence.

Criteria for applying

To apply for a personal licence, you have to:

  • A resident within the boundaries of Wolverhampton
  • Aged 18 or above
  • Have not forfeited any personal licence in the last five years
  • An original basic disclosure

When you apply for your personal licence, the date on the disclosure must be no more than one calendar month old.

Information on applying for a Basic Disclosure

We refer any applications to West Midlands Police if they have either

  • unspent relevant offences
  • foreign offences

Please provide

  • An original accredited licensing qualification
      Find details at Gov.uk
      • 2 Passport sized photographs
        • One signed
        • include a statement verifying the likeness of the photograph to the applicant.
      • Right to work documentation

      On submission of your application, you will be required to present a copy of a document showing your right to work permission in the UK. If you are unable to provide the required documentation, a licence will not be granted. For more information please visit Immigration Act 2016.


      The fee for a personal licence is £37.


      To apply, download and complete both application forms in the Downloads section.

      Remember to include your payment with your application.

      Return your form to:

      Licensing, City of Wolverhampton Council, Civic Centre, St. Peter's Square, Wolverhampton, WV1 1DA.