Become a Crossing Patrol Warden, better known as a Lollipop man or lady.

Crossing Patrol Wardens play a vital role in the community, they help children get to school safely and can brighten up a person's day.

We currently have no vacancies for Crossing Patrol Wardens.

What's involved?

By becoming a Crossing Patrol Warden you will be:

  • working between 6 and 10 hours a week
  • earning a good hourly rate plus holiday pay

What are the benefits? 

  • helping all members of your community cross the road safely
  • appreciated by parents and children

The role of a School Crossing Patrol Warden

Crossing patrols - provided by the council as part of its efforts to improve road safety - are allowed to stop traffic so that they can help anyone cross the road, not just children. Patrols are usually on duty twice each day - in the morning and afternoon. Crossing patrols will usually be on duty 30 minutes before and after the start and finish of the school day.

Patrols are trained to a high standard, and receive regular visits from their supervisors to ensure safety standards are being maintained. Because of this, crossing patrols have become trusted and valued members of local communities throughout Wolverhampton.

Sites without crossing patrols

The council has a team of mobile reserve patrols who provide cover for sites should the usual patrol be unable to attend their duties or if a site becomes vacant. There may be times when it is not possible to provide cover especially at short notice or if the regular patrol will be absent for some time. If cover cannot be provided, the council will inform any local school as soon as possible.