Are you selling your ex-council property? Was it bought through Right To Buy in the last 10 years? If so, you must offer the Council the Right of First Refusal. Even if this isn't the case, you can still offer us your ex-council property.

The Council has a policy that allows us to purchase former council properties depending on:

  • the demand for the type and size of property
  • the condition and cost of bringing it to the Councils lettable standard
  • whether you can move out upon completion of sale

Offering Right of First Refusal

You, or a previous owner, must have bought the property:

  • through Right To Buy
  • in the last 10 years

The Council has the Right of First Refusal on these properties.

You must contact us before putting your property up for sale. We are under no obligation to buy.

Please note, if the property was purchased in the last five years, you will be required to repay a proportion of the Right To Buy discount.

Offer Right of First Refusal

Please see the Government website for more information.


If you don't need to offer us the Right of First Refusal on your property, you can make an offer to sell it to us. We are under no obligation to buy.

Make an optional offer