Details about current strategies, performance and policies for Housing in Wolverhampton.

What are our strategic aims?

Through our strategies and by working with our partners, we aim to :

  • understand local and regional housing markets and housing needs
  • undertake housing related research and carry out consultation with partners and local people on housing issues
  • develop housing strategies that reflect the needs and aspirations of Wolverhampton for all housing types and tenures across the city
  • ensure that housing strategies deliver the best possible outcomes for Wolverhampton by monitoring performance and working with partners to respond to potential problems
  • work with partners to meet the housing needs of local people and support Wolverhampton's aspirations as a city
  • work with neighbouring local authorities and partners across the region to ensure a coordinated and well-planned approach to housing issues in the West Midlands
  • respond to requests for housing-related information

Wolverhampton Housing Strategy 2013 - 2018

Wolverhampton's Housing Strategy covers the period 2013 - 2018, however in the last two years Government has introduced some fundamental changes that alter the legislative, funding and policy landscape for housing.

The strategy has been updated to reflect these changes, particularly around the proposed unit mix for both affordable and market housing developments.

The Housing Strategy 2013 - 2018 has identified 5 priorities for action:

  • deliver high-quality new housing stock
  • improve the quality of existing housing
  • provide support and housing options to vulnerable people
  • good management of social housing
  • improve standards in the private rented sector

We welcome any feedback from stakeholders, partners and members of the community on the new housing strategy as we want to take into account as many views as possible to make sure we are getting it right for Wolverhampton residents.

You can tell us your views by: