Find out how you can receive direct payments and how much you have to pay for non-residential services.

Direct Payments is a scheme to give people who need care services more choice and control over their lives by allowing them to make decisions about how their care is delivered.

The scheme gives cash to people to buy services that they need.

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Should I have a Direct Payment?

Are you happy with the Adult Social Care Services you use?  Would you like to be more independent?  Do you want to be more in control of who supports you?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then Direct Payments could help you get support that meets your needs better.

Direct Payments enable you to become more involved in making decisions about the services you need.  For example, if you need help getting in and out of bed in the morning and help with getting washed and dressed, traditionally we would arrange the help for you - but with a Direct Payment we will give you the money to buy the service yourself.

This information is about Direct Payments you can get from us to pay for your own support.  You can either employ your own support worker to carry out these tasks or buy the support from a private care agency.

Currently, Direct Payments can be used to buy any type of care and support that you are assessed as requiring in the community but it can only be used for up to 4 weeks stay in a care home (respite or short stay) in any 12 month rolling period.

Stays of less than 4 weeks are added together where there are less than 29 days separating them.

Who can get a Direct Payment?

Direct Payments can only be given to people who have been assessed as needing support. These include:

  • disabled people who are over 16, including people with physical, sensory or learning disabilities, or those who are disabled due to mental health or illnesses such as AIDS, arthritis and multiple sclerosis
  • people who have parental responsibility for disabled children
  • carers over 16 in receipt of carer services

Assessments are completed by Adults and Children's social care teams. For information on the assessment process for adults please see the Care Assessment page.

For the Direct Payments process for Children, please see SEND Direct Payments.

Why should I apply?

Direct Payments give you greater control and flexibility over your care arrangements. This means you can employ your own staff if you want, or buy your care from a provider of your choice. 

Will I be able to cope?

We work in partnership with an organisation called Barrie Bookkeeping who will provide a payroll service for you in order to pay your staff.

Prepaid Financial Services

On the Prepaid Financial Services (PFS) Card Account website, Direct Payment customers can access their personal account details by inputting their card number and PIN.

Contact details 

Phone: 01902 551294 (option 6)
Minicom: 01902 555554

For additional information please contact our Support Service partner:

Barrie Bookkeeping
Phone: 01902 912895