Commissioning is the planned activity of assessing the needs of the population, allocating resources, involving a range of stakeholders, service users and communities, securing services to meet identified needs, monitoring and evaluating services, delivering the best outcomes with the resources available. 

Our Commissioning Vision

Our vision is based on the Wolverhampton Council Corporate Plan

  • Promoting and enabling healthy lifestyles
    • Tackling lifestyle issues will improve quality of life, reduce the time spent with illness and have a positive effect on life expectancy in the city.
  • Strengthening families where children are at risk
    • Targeting effective early help and support will strengthen families, keep children and young people safe and improve their life chances.
  • Promoting independence for older people
    • Older people in the city are able to live full and active lives, with support where necessary to promote independence and choice.
  • Enabling Communities to support themselves
    • Supporting communities to develop local support will build resilience in the city.
  • Promoting independence for people with disabilities
    • Vulnerable people are able to live independently and have choice and control over their lives.
  • Adults and children are supported in times of need
    • Safeguarding people in vulnerable situations and strengthening families where children are at risk.

Wolverhampton's Thematic Commissioning Approach

The following themes underpin the City of Wolverhampton Council's commitment to prevention as a part of 'Everybody's Business'.

Wolverhampton's Thematic Commissioning Approach


This approach strengthens our aim to have a more sustainable, longer term view of support and needs. It influenced how commissioning can best be used to share markets to promote wellbeing, respond to demand from people for care and meet those needs for which the council is responsible.                                                                                                                   

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Address: People Commissioning, City of Wolverhampton Council, Civic Centre, St Peters Square, Wolverhampton, WV1 1SH.