Why grounds maintenance matters

We want Wolverhampton to be an attractive, enjoyable place to live and visit. That’s why we keep our grass verges, flower beds, shrubs and hedges well maintained and weed free. Our award winning Green Flag parks and public open spaces create a good impression for both residents and visitors.

How we keep the city looking good

Our teams of grounds people carry out a programme of grounds maintenance and our ROSPA trained RPII qualified staff carry out a weekly visual inspection of our parks playgrounds and detailed inspection of the equipment every 4 months to ensure our play areas are safe for children and repairs are quickly carried out.
We cut the grass throughout the growing period from early spring to late autumn. Many of our grass verges have beautiful displays of daffodils and crocus to bring an early splash of colour. We can’t cut back the displays until June, even when they have died, because the leaves still nourish the bulbs to ensure the displays grow back next year. During the winter months our teams tackle areas that have become overgrown and edge the grass verges where they have encroached onto the footpath and highway.
Our trained horticulturists also maintain the parks, sport fields, bowling greens and pitch-and-putt at various sites across the city.
We spray 475 miles of footpaths, kerb lines and hard surfaces with weed killer, but don’t worry our weed killer isn’t harmful to animals!
Keeping Wolverhampton green and colourful is an important part of our job. We create attractive displays of bedding plants, flowers, shrubs and roses in Bantock Park, West Park and the City Centre. In other areas we allow nature to flourish with wild flower displays in 19 designated Nature Friendly Zones and help cultivate meadow areas in our parks and green open spaces.

How you can help

We have many established parks user groups. Why not volunteer and get involved. Call 01902 551145 for more information. 
If you want to cut the grass verge outside your home please take care. Be aware of passing vehicles and show consideration to pedestrians - trailing wires can be a trip hazard.  
If you find an area that needs some care, let us know and we’ll do our best to improve it.
Another small but important thing you can do is clean up after your dog. Please don’t leave dog mess for others to clear up – or, worse still, for them to tread in!

Grounds maintenance schedule


Time of year

Annual Frequency

Additional information

Grass Cutting
Highway verges
Verges with bulbs
Ceremonial Areas
Meadow Areas
Nature Friendly Zones

April - November
June – November
April – November
September – October


Cut monthly (cuttings not collected)
Cut monthly (cuttings not collected)
Cut & collect weekly
Cut & collect
Strim only
Football Pitch
Grass Maintenance
Over mark lines
Goal Posts erected

April & Aug – Nov
August – May


Cut fortnightly
Cricket Ground
Grass Maintenance Over Mark lines

April – September


30 (wicket)
15 (outfield)

Cut & collect weekly
Cut fortnightly (cuttings not collected)
Bowling Green
grass cutting

April - October


Cut & collect weekly
  • Beacon Hill Cemetery Bilston Cemetery
  • Bushbury Cemetery and Crematorium
  • Danescourt Cemetery
  • Hall Green Cemetery
  • Merridale Cemetery
April – November 15 Fortnightly (cuttings not collected)
Closed Church yard maintenance at
  • St Thomas's Churchyard, off Graiseley Lane in Wednesfield
  • St Phillips Churchyard, off Church Road, Bradmore
  • St Michaels Churchyard, off Grotto Lane in Tettenhall
  • St Marys Churchyard, off Bushbury Lane, Bushbury
  • St Leonard's Churchyard, in Bilston
May, Sept 2 Strim (cuttings not collected)
Fountains & Pools
Maintenance/dosing/water quality monitoring

All year round


Programmed maintenance
Hedge Maintenance November - March 1 Pruning OK as no birds nesting
Shrub bed/rose bed Maintenance November - December 1 Prune
Summer Bedding June 1 Locations:
Bantock Park, West Park, City Centre
Highway Weed Control June 1 Weed spray applied