The council needs your help in reporting any incidences of graffiti that you see anywhere across the city.

Any customer can report instances of graffiti/fly-posting anywhere in the Wolverhampton borough.

Graffiti on known Wolverhampton Homes premises needs to be reported to Home Direct on 01902 556789. All other Wolverhampton queries are dealt with by Environmental Health's compliance team regardless of the ownership of the land.

Priority will be given to abusive, offensive or racist graffiti.

You should try and note the following

  • the exact or closest location
  • photographic evidence
  • names of the offenders if known
  • physical description of offenders
  • approximate age
  • clothing
  • appearance
  • details of any vehicles involved if any
  • any additional information on what happened or what was witnessed  

Make a graffiti report

Contact the Street Cleansing team