Before you report an abandoned vehicle, read the advice and guidance below which will help you with your report.

Is the vehicle abandoned?

To help you decide if a vehicle has been abandoned in your area, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the vehicle untaxed? Check if a vehicle is taxed
  • Are there any flat tyres or removed wheels?
  • Is there litter around the car?
  • Is the windscreen or any windows broken?
  • Is the vehicle rusty or mouldy?
  • Does the vehicle contain items of waste?
  • Does the vehicle have number plates?
  • Are there wires hanging from the dashboard?
  • Are the brake disks rusty?

If you think still think the vehicle has been abandoned, report it to the council.

Fines and charges

Abandoning a vehicle is a criminal offence, carrying a maximum penalty of a fine of £2,500 or three months' imprisonment, or both.

Owners of abandoned vehicles are also liable for the following council costs:

  • £150 vehicle removal
  • £20 per day storage to a maximum of 40 days.

Report an abandoned vehicle

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If you have the vehicles registration and make, please visit here to check if the vehicle is taxed.

Is the vehicle taxed?

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