Environmental Services are responsible for Waste & Recycling, parks, street cleansing, grounds maintenance, tree maintenance, cemeteries and crematoriums, landscaping, pest control and Environmental Crime & Public Protection.

How well we are performing

Environmental Services receive a large number of enquiries every year about maintaining the city environment. Challenging targets are set to ensure that our teams respond in a timely way to issues reported by the public.  Environmental Services monitors its performance to ensure that it exceeds the targets set and then compares the performance to previous years.

You can view the Environmental Maintenance Report from the 'Downloads' section to see the number of enquiries we receive and how well we have done in responding to them. We also use this data to compile the top issues that affect people and the hot spot areas where they occur. Environmental Services can then use this information to prioritise resources and put resources to where they are needed. 

The Environmental maintenance report shows how well we respond to customer enquiries. It details the number of issues received and enquiries resolved and our performance.

We would like to know how you think we are performing in relation to all of these services by asking you to complete a short survey.

Customer satisfaction results

Satisfaction with... 2019 2018 2017
Environmental Services overall 56% 74% 77%
Do you believe you were treated fairly? 42% 60% 70%
Street Cleansing 50% 66% 69%
Fly tip removed quickly 70% 68% 66%
Grass Cutting 58% 81% 84%
Green Open Space/Play Areas 63% 74% 83%
Pest Control 67% 57% 79%
Tree Maintenance 46% New Question
General Household Waste Collection 79% New Question
Household Recycling Collection 79% New Question
Garden Waste Collection 51% New Question
Bulky Household Collection 30% New Question
HWRC- Rubbish tip sites 59% New Question

You said, We did

This customer survey clearly shows what people think about our service. Respondents were asked how best to reduce litter...

Option Percentage
Street sweeping routes being covered more frequently 66%
Better litter enforcement i.e. prosecuting those responsible for littering 58%
Education initiatives to encourage people not to drop litter 53%
More street sweeping with mechanical vehicles 52%
More litter bins 52%
Employ more people to sweep the streets 44%
Street sweeping after refuse collections 41%
More community involvement i.e. local volunteers picking up litter 31%

The top three suggestions are the same as last year's feedback.

  1. More frequent sweeping  
  2. Better enforcement
  3. Education

Street Cleansing routes have been optimised, enforcement is delivered through the 'Keep your Street Neat' campaign and we are active in schools.