The Fireworks Act helps cut stress, noise and nuisance from fireworks. It also helps to reduce injuries.

Fireworks safety

The Fireworks Regulations 2004 prohibits:

  • Anyone under 18 years from possessing fireworks in a public place
  • Anyone except professionals from possessing display fireworks
  • Any fireworks that detonate at a higher level than 120 decibels
  • Air bombs and there are new strict controls on mini-rockets.
  • The use of fireworks at night (11pm - 7am) in England and Wales. There are extensions for the use of fireworks at night for the following festivals:
    • Chinese New Year - until 1am on the night
    • Diwali - until 1am on the night
    • New Year's Eve - until 1am on the night
    • Bonfire Night - until midnight on that night

How can I make a complaint?

Call the Police on 101 if any fireworks:

  • are being let off in the street
  • are being let off outside the permitted times

Call Citizens Advice on 03454 04 05 06 if any fireworks

  • seem too loud
  • are being sold outside the permitted times
  • are being sold to underage persons

Contact us below if someone is repeatedly letting off fireworks on their property during permitted times but you feel that it is causing a nuisance


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