Air quality reports, forecasts and general information including chimney height guidance.

The council continually monitors air quality and reports on various pollutants at locations throughout the city. These pollutants include:

  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Nitric Oxide
  • Nitrogen Dioxide
  • Ozone
  • Particles
  • Sulphur Dioxide 

Wolverhampton air quality reports

Contact Environmental Health for previous air quality reports.

Chimney height approval

Under section 14 of the Clean Air Act 1993, unless the height of the chimney has been approved by the local authority and any conditions attached to approval adhered to, it is an offence to cause or knowingly permit a furnace to be used to:

  • burn pulverised fuel
  • burn at a rate of 45.4 kg or more an hour any other solid matter or
  • burn at a rate equivalent to 366.4 kW or more any liquid or gaseous matter

An application for chimney height approval must contain adequate information to enable the necessary calculations to be carried out. Applications may also need planning permission.

Contact Environmental Health for more information.

Wolverhampton Air Quality Management Action Plan

The Air Quality Action Plan includes 23 proposed actions which aim to improve the air quality in Wolverhampton. These actions are listed under the following headings:

  • reducing vehicle emissions
  • improving public transport
  • improving the road network
  • measures to reduce traffic volumes
  • reducing air pollution from industry, commerce and residential areas
  • changing levels of travel demand/ promotion of alternative modes of transport

The action plan is currently being updated and when available will be published here.

Government Guidance for Fires and Stoves

There are strict laws in place regarding open fires and stoves, particularly with regards to smoke control. Please see more information within the Downloads section on this page.

Air quality forecasts and archives