A little thanks goes a long way...

Saying thank you or paying a compliment can really brighten someone's day. Here are just a few of the compliments we've received recently. We'd love to hear more, so please share your stories with us via the compliment form.

Please feel free to view our most recent compliments and complaints about our Catering/Cleaning and Facilities Management Services in the Download section on this page.​​​

Compliments and complaints catering


Compliments and complaints cleaning service


Compliments and complaints facilities management

It's always encouraging to receive compliments regarding the services we provide, it helps us to shape our service and understand the things we are doing right.  During 2016/17 we received 38 compliments from various sources across the 3 service areas, 4 informal complaints and 0 formal complaints.  During 2017/18, 65 compliments were received, 4 informal complaints and to date, 0 formal complaints have been received.

We receive compliments and complaints through various means. Not surprisingly, e-mail is by far the most common method of contacting us. 

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Email address: cateringcleaning@wolverhampton.gov.uk.

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