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From 1st April 2013 local authorities had a duty to improve the health of the people in their area, and a responsibility for commissioning appropriate public health services.  This may include NHS providers, private providers, not-for-profit providers, third sector providers, GP and Pharmacy Providers.  The Council may also provide certain public health functions themselves.

A complaint which is about a service which has been commissioned, or purchased by the Authority, to meet a Public Health services' function, will usually be considered within the provider's own complaints procedures in the first instance.

However, people will be able to use the Public Health Complaints Procedure for any matter reasonably connected with the local authority exercise of it public health functions.

If someone is unsure whether their complaint falls within the scope of the Local Authority, the local authority will be able to provide advice through the Customer Liaison Team.

Public Health Complaint procedure

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How your complaint will be handled.

You can tell us what we did well by making a compliment and what we didn't do so well by making a complaint.  Sometimes you may just wish to make a suggestion or comment.

If you are not satisfied about anything to do with the Local Authorities exercise of it's Public Health function then you have the right to complain. 

The process

There will be a two stage process:

  • Stage One - Local resolution
  • Stage Two - Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman.

The focus will be on:

  • Having a more personal approach to complaints handling
  • Making arrangements more flexible and simpler
  • Treating complaints according to their individual nature
  • Focusing on a quick local resolution by looking closely at what you want to happen as a result of your complaint.

Most complaints can be sorted out quickly to everyone's satisfaction. It is important however, that you know how to take your complaint further if necessary. When you make a complaint, there are two stages to the complaints procedure:

Stage One

  • We will acknowledge your complaint within three working days and contact you either by phone or in person
  • We will make sure we understand what has gone wrong, what you would like to see happen and agree the best way to put things right and to provide the best result for you
  • We will explain to you how your complaint will be investigated and agree a time in which to provide you with a response
  • Your complaint will be overseen at all times by our Customer Liaison Team so you always have a named contact.

Stage Two

If you do not feel that the response you receive has resolved your complaint to your satisfaction, you are entitled to take your complaint further to the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman.

You can call the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman advice team on:

Telephone: 0300 061 0614.
Or write to: 

Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman
PO Box 4771

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