Information about the Supporting Small Business Relief which will run 2023/24 - 2025/26.

Supporting Small Business Relief 2023/24

In the 2022 Autumn Statement, the Government introduced a relief to support small businesses. This aims to help businesses that face an increase in their bill due to lost small business rates relief. This lost relief is a result of an increase in their rateable value due to the 2023 Revaluation

This is subject to Subsidy Control limits. Here you can find further information on Subsidy Control.

The relief will be granted automatically to those eligible, and will limit increases to £600 more than the previous year, every year while the scheme runs.

Supporting Small Business Eligibility

To qualify for this relief, your business must:

  • not have received more than £315,000 in Subsidy Control over a rolling 3-year period (consisting of the current and prior two financial years)
  • occupy the property
  • have lost any part of their Small Business Rate Relief as a result of the 2023 Revaluation

Businesses not eligible

  • A charity or a Community Amateur Sports Club occupy the property.
  • If the property becomes unoccupied at any time

Our Supporting Small Business Relief 2023 Policy can be found in the Downloads section.

If you believe you are entitled to this relief and it has not been awarded on your account, please contact us. Please note the last date this can be granted for 2023/24 is 30 September 2024.