The Register Office can correct errors on birth, marriage and death certificates. The certificate must have been originally recorded in Wolverhampton.

Certificate Corrections

If there is an error on a certificate, you will need to provide evidence of the correct information. This will need to be from the time of the original registration.

  • If the certificate was issued in Wolverhampton, please contact the Register Office
  • If it was issued outside of Wolverhampton, please contact the office in that district

General Register Office

The General Register Office (GRO) will need to correct some errors.

The Register Office will pass these requests onto the GRO for approval.

You can no longer apply to the GRO for a correction.

Once approved, the Register Office will complete the request.

Application Forms

Complete the relevant application form and return it to Register Office.

Correct a birth registration

Correct a marriage registration

Correct a death registration

Upon receiving the form and supporting documents the Register Office will take copies. Original documents will be returned.