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Is my building Listed?

Find out if your building is listed or how you can get a building listed.

To check whether your building is on the Statutory List and to find out what this means for you or to obtain general advice on maintenance and repairs contact a Historic Environment Officer on 01902 555622/555617.

How can I get a Building Listed?

English Heritage deals with all nominations for additions to the National Register of Heritage Assets which includes Listed Buildings. You can find out about the selection criteria, make nominations on line and search the National Register for entries. Visit English Heritage.

The Local List

Wolverhampton City Council operates a Local List of Heritage Assets which includes buildings, structures, parks, gardens and archaeological sites of local historic importance. Applications for Planning Permission that affect Locally Listed sites must take into account the special historic interest of the site. To check if your property is included on the Local List or to nominate an addition to the Local List contact the Historic Environment Service on 01902 555622/555617.