We are looking to recruit motivated staff to fill a number of important paid roles on election days. We would love to hear from you if you are interested in getting involved.

The three main areas where roles are available are:

Polling Stations

  • Poll Clerk
  • Polling Station Inspector
  • Presiding Officer

The Count

  • Ballot Box Receipt Officer
  • Ballot Box Runner
  • Verification and Count Assistant
  • Verification and Count Table Supervisor

Postal Vote Opening

  • Postal Vote Opening Assistant
  • Postal Vote Opening Supervisor

Job descriptions and further information relating to all positions can be found here:

Working at a polling station

Working at the election count

Postal vote opening

The job description for a position describes the role and responsibilities of the job. It will give the main purpose of the job and will list all the tasks and duties which you will have to perform if you are appointed. The person specification tells you what skills, knowledge and experience a person must have to be able to do the job. 

If you are interested in applying for one or more of these positions, please refer to the ‘how to apply’ section below.

How to apply

If you would like to be considered for any of the roles available, please complete the form below.

We will then invite you to set up an online account and contact you ahead of elections.

Apply to work at elections