Our Council Plan sets out how we will work with our communities to deliver improved outcomes for the people of our city, over the next five years. The council is now beginning the next phase of its journey, building upon years of internal transformation.

The result of this is that our plan is very much your plan and by working together we will achieve the six strategic outcomes that you have decided our city most needs:

  • Children and young people get the best possible start in life
  • Well skilled people working in an inclusive economy
  • More good jobs and investment in our city
  • Better homes for all
  • Strong, resilient and healthy communities
  • A vibrant, green city we can all be proud of

All that we do as an organisation will support these strategic outcomes. Whilst they are presented as six separate priorities they are interlinked and support one another. We cannot do this in isolation, as such it is vital to continue to act as one council and one city to ensure that these strategic outcomes are met. We will focus on strengthening and developing the council’s links with the people of our city and developing their capacity to self-serve, with the council acting as a conduit to enable communities to develop greater resilience and self-sufficiency.

Our Council Plan sets out how we intend to target these key areas and the ongoing challenge which many of our people face. It is outcome led, and all activity we engage in will be to achieve the outcomes that matter most to them. Improvement against these will be our organisation’s priority and form the basis for our performance framework which all of our services will work towards. Only through focusing on our performance in these areas will we be able to deliver the outcomes agreed by the people of our city and deliver the inclusive economy we need so that our communities thrive and prosper. We will ensure that no community is left behind, and that positive outcomes are shared by all as we transform our city together. It is vital, in such a diverse and culturally rich city, that we engage with residents and enable them to shape our priorities. Our ‘Excellent’ rated equalities framework underpins all of our transformational plans to ensure that they reflect the communities we serve.