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Trial new online services before they go live to the public

Help us to keep improving by taking part in a website user testing group.

Over the rest of this year (2017), we'll be launching even more online services to make accessing Council services easier, faster and cheaper.

In order to ensure we release products and services that are customer friendly, we're looking for your help to try out new online services before they're released to the public. 

Your feedback will help us to improve the concepts before they're officially launched.

How you can help

Once you register your details, we'll contact you to take part in a user feedback session, either at the Civic Centre in the city centre, or from the comfort of your own home - It's totally up to you.

All you need to do is complete the form below and we'll be in touch throughout February onwards.

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    1. Our user testing sessions take part at various locations across the city, please tell us about any special requirements you might have for example: wheelchair access required.
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