Wolverhampton Literature Festival is always looking to champion the creative voices of Wolverhampton and the West Midlands, to provide a platform to showcase the talents of our creative community.

For the 2022 festival we are welcoming proposals from individuals, organisations, community groups, and venues to present their events, ideas, concepts, performances, readings, concert, or talks to be delivered as part of the festival programme.

To present a proposal we are asking participants to submit proposals via the online form below. Within the form you will be asked a series of questions and we do ask that applicants provide as much detailed as possible, so that the Literature Festival Board is able to have a full picture of the proposed idea.

We are asking for proposals to respond to the theme SOUNDS FROM THE CITY.

The festival aims to be as diverse and inclusive as possible, and we welcome proposals and ideas from a range of art forms to be showcased at the festival next year.

We encourage submissions from those who are underrepresented in our programming including but not limited to, disabled artists and people from Black, Asian and ethnically diverse backgrounds.

Fees for involvement will be decided on a case by case basis under the following categories:

  • New/Commissioned work
  • Existing/Non-commissioned work
  • Split ticket income
  • Fundraiser/ Pass the hat

Submission close on 28 June and successful proposals will be contacted by the end of July.

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Your proposal

We welcome initial proposals with provisional costs of up to £700, but please be advised that final fees will be decided by the Festival Board, in consultation with successful applicant. 
i.e PA system, sound system, presentation etc
E.g. website, publisher, social media, extract etc

You are also welcome to send in a short audio/ video entry (maximum 10 minutes).

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