Free real Christmas tree collection.

Booking a collection for real Christmas trees is now closed. Booking slots were allocated and filled on a first come first served basis.

You can dispose of your real or artificial Christmas tree at your own convenience at either of our household waste and recycling centres (Tips).

When can I book a tree collection? 

You can book a real Christmas tree collection between 27 December 2021 and 7 January 2022. 

Is it first come first served for collection slots? 

Yes. There are limited slots available. Make sure you book your collection slot because once they have been filled: they’re gone.

When will you be collecting the trees? 

Real Christmas trees will be collected between 5-18 January 2022. The crew will be working across the city Monday to Friday to pick up booked tree collections placed by the kerb by 7am.

Why is the process different this year? 

We change the process because of the Covid-19 pandemic. We now work differently, which is why you must book a collection slot. Please do not leave your tree by your recycling bin as it will not be collected. We do not collect extra waste put at the side of your bin. You must book a slot if you want your tree to be removed.

Can I put my tree out for collection with decorations?

No. You must remove all decorations from the tree. Trees with decorations will not be collected. The reason we don’t collect decorated trees is because, tinsel, baubles, etc… contaminate the composting process.

What happens if my tree is not collected on the day you say it will be?

If for some reason your real Christmas tree has not been collected on the day we’ve specified, will return within two working days. Please leave the tree out.

Will the trees you collect be recycled?

Yes, they will be taken to our local recycling facility where they’ll be composted for re-use.

What if I don’t want to use this service?

That’s fine, you can dispose of your Christmas tree at your own convenience at either of our household waste and recycling centres (Tips) - Anchor Lane or Shaw Road. Or you can chop up your real Christmas tree and put it in your purple bin, we’ll collect it when the 2022 service begins in February.

Are you collecting artificial Christmas trees too?

No. Please do not put artificial Christmas trees out for collection. They will not be collected. They can be taken to our household waste and recycling centres (Tips).