You'll need to apply for a tip permit if you want to take your waste to the rubbish tip in a van, pick-up truck, commercial vehicle or with a trailer. If you plan to visit the tip in a car, you can access the site at any time and there's no need to book.

You'll need to apply for a Tip Permit and book a time slot if you want to take your waste in:

  • a van
  • car with a trailer
  • pick-up truck
  • commercial type vehicle

You can now register  for a Tip permit and book a time slot through 'My Account'

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Can I use a high-sided vehicle

Yes, high-sided vehicles with permits are allowed into the sites at specific times: 

Shaw Road - 10:30am to 4:00pm 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday 

Anchor Lane - 10:30am to 4:00pm 

Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 

High-sided vehicles are classed as 1.8 metres or larger in height. The removable barriers at both sites are set at 1.8m (6 feet). 

ll high-sided vehicles are required to book their visit 24 hours in advance. 

You must give 24 hours’ notice of their intended visit to either site. 

There is no limit to how many times a vehicle can visit a site in a day as long as they have a permit for each visit. 

You must have their Tip Permit Reference Number to hand when visiting the site. 

How many permits will I get?

A maximum of 12 permits will be issued per vehicle during a year between 1st April and 31st March, with the number of permits issued being on a pro rata basis.

Once the year is up, will I automatically be registered for the next 12 permits?

No, you will have to re-apply to activate your permits for the coming year.

Can I register a company trailer / van if it is for personal use?

If you have access to a company van, trailer or commercial vehicle and wish to use it for personal use you are entitled to apply for permits. You will be asked for the company details when making your application. 

On visiting the site you will need to carry a letter from your company on official headed note paper which states that you have access to the vehicle for domestic purposes and that the vehicle is only carrying domestic waste. 

Can I use a hire vehicle under the scheme?

Yes. You will need to state that you are using a hire vehicle when you apply and provide the hire company details. 

On visiting the site you will need to carry a copy of your hire agreement.

Can I borrow a trailer/van from a friend as a one-off to dispose of waste at the tip?

If you want to borrow a trailer / van from a friend and use it as a one-off to dispose of waste, the owner of the vehicle must apply for the permits. The owner of the vehicle can then give the Tip Permit Reference Number to you for use when you visit the tip.

I've changed my vehicle / moved house since getting the permits, what should I do?

If you have changed your vehicle or moved house you will need to re-apply for tip permits. 

I have been banned from the site previously, am I still banned?

Yes. We hold an updated list of all banned vehicles which we will use to advise customers if they are not allowed to access the site.