View the Unitary Development Plan (UDP) and the online Wolverhampton Policies Map.

The Wolverhampton UDP was adopted in June 2006, you can view the document under Downloads.

Changes to the UDP following adoption of the Black Country Core Strategy and Area Action Plans

Following adoption of the Black Country Core Strategy on 3 February 2011 certain policies in the UDP have been replaced and allocations/designations on the Policies Map have been amended.

The text changes have not been incorporated into the pdf version of the UDP.

For ease of use, a list of the saved policies and policies map designations of the Wolverhampton Unitary Development Plan (excluding all expired policies and designations) is provided as a download

Neighbourhood plans

The Tettenhall Neighbourhood Plan and the Heathfield Park Neighbourhood Plan were formally 'made' on 17 September 2014.  Neighbourhood Plan allocations/designations now sit alongside UDP allocations/designations for these areas - they do not replace them.

Up to date Policies Map

The map changes to the UDP resulting from the adoption of the Black Country Core Strategy and Area Action Plans have been incorporated into an online version of the Policies Map, which also allows the Tettenhall Neighbourhood Plan and Heathfield Park Neighbourhood Plan allocations/designations to be viewed. This map is not suitable for mobile devices and is best viewed on a computer: