The Wolverhampton Open Space Strategy and Action Plan (OSSAP) Update was adopted in July 2018. The Action Plan will be updated in 2020.

The OSSAP is an investment strategy and evidence for planning decisions, which:

  • Sets deliverable open space standards - in terms of quantity, quality and access - for seven types of open space, and applies these standards to five analysis areas within the City to highlight areas of surplus and deficiency;
  • Provides clear, prioritised actions to protect, improve the quality of and extend open space provision where there are deficiencies, and rationalise open space provision where there are surpluses or this could improve quality or access - taking into account cross-boundary effects and City-wide priorities;
  • Maximises effective use of existing physical and financial resources in improving open space provision.

The OSSAP includes playing pitch priorities which are based on an up-to-date Playing Pitch Strategy and Playing Pitch Assessment.