A bridge is a structure carrying a road over a river, canal, railway or motorway, or a structure carrying a railway or motorway over the highway.

Council bridges

The council, as the Highway Authority, is responsible for the bridges it owns. The council currently owns 91 highway bridges and 12 footbridges on public footpaths.

The council's bridges are inspected approximately every two years and a programme of maintenance work is drawn up. Incidents of damage through vehicle collision, storm damage, or other causes are investigated as soon as possible. In the case of damage to bridges by vehicles, reporting of vehicle details may mean it is possible for the council to claim the cost of the repairs.

The council is also engaged on an assessment and strengthening programme for its bridges.

Report a damaged bridge

Please contact the Roads Safety Team providing as much information as you can to enable us to respond as quickly as possible.

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City of Wolverhampton Council
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Salop Street

Other bridge owners

There are also other bridge owners or authorities and some of their bridges carry public road or footways. The largest of these other owners are:

  • The Highway Agency (trunk roads and motorway), although there are none in Wolverhampton
  • Network Rail (operational railway lines)
  • British Rail Property Board (disused railways)
  • The Environment Agency (main rivers)
  • British Waterways Board (canals).

As a rule a bridge usually belongs to the organisation (or its successor) that needed the bridge in the first place. Ownership of bridges has been transferred in some cases, such as where responsibility for a route changes.