The Council now operates a bus lane enforcement scheme across the city. Due to persistent contraventions the scheme aims to improve public transport reliability, journey times and encourage sustainable travel.

If you drive illegally in a bus lane, bus gate or contraflow you may receive a penalty charge notice.


As part of a rolling programme of enforcement phase one was introduced on 1 June 2015 at the following locations:

Phase 1:

Phase one will continue to operate alongside phase two and phase three.

Phase 2:

Phase two started on 30 November 2015 at the following locations:

Phase 3:

Phase three started on 09 January 2017 at the following location:

Phase three started on 13 March 2017 at the following location:

Phase three started on 02 November 2017 at the following location:

Locations, restrictions, operation and vehicle use

As part of a rolling programme, the scheme will operate at different locations to ensure compliance across the city following phase one.

Fixed Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras mounted on street lighting columns will detect unauthorised vehicles illegally driving in the bus lane and record the footage. This data is transmitted securely and uploaded onto the Council's system. The footage is reviewed by authorised personnel who will assess each contravention recorded on the system and administrate a Penalty Charge Notices (PCN) to the registered keeper/owner/hirer of the vehicle if it is found that a contravention has occurred.

If a contravention has occurred, a PCN will be sent to the address of the registered keeper/owner/hirer of the vehicle, by post, within 28 days of the date of the alleged contravention. The PCN will be accompanied by photographic evidence of the parking contravention.

Penalty Charge Notice (PCN)

A £60 charge will apply if a contravention occurs. This charge is reduced to £30 if paid within 14 days of the notice date. If the PCN remains unpaid within 28 days this charge is increased to £90.

Pay your Penalty Charge Notice (PCN)

How to Identify bus lanes/gates

Bus lanes are marked with a solid thick white line and the appropriate road markings to identify the bus lane. Road signs positioned at the start of the bus lane stipulate days/times of operation and the restrictions that apply. If the time is not provided on the sign, the bus lane operates 24 hours a day.

Intermittent white lines breaking up the solid white line identifies an area where vehicles are permitted to cross the bus lane. An example of this is for vehicles turning left to access a side street.

Bus gates are defined as short bus lanes at a junction which allow buses to make a manoeuvre that other vehicles are not permitted, or to allow buses to get ahead of the traffic.

If in doubt, stay out!

The Highway Code

Representations (appeals)

If you receive a PCN and think you have a valid reason to appeal, the PCN will explain the appeals process.

Further information regarding Civil Parking and Bus Lane Enforcement can be viewed online at