To celebrate the formal adoption of Wolverhampton's first neighbourhood plans by the council, the Mayor, Councillor Mike Heap, invited Neighbourhood Forum Volunteers from Tettenhall and Heathfield Park to a special reception on Friday 19 September, 2014.

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Type=image;ImageID=5185;ImageClass=left;ImageTitle=Cyril Randles presents a copy of the plans to Cllr Mike Heap;TitleClass=strong;

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They were joined by Councillors, council officers and representatives from the Department of Communities and Local Government.

Wolverhampton is also the first metropolitan area to hold a neighbourhood plan referendum and the first anywhere to hold a referendum with more than one area taking part. The Tettenhall Neighbourhood Plan is also the largest set of proposals from anywhere in the country to reach this stage.

Neighbourhood Forum volunteers gave up hundreds of hours of their own time to prepare the plans, which support the delivery of 975 new homes, investment in parks, open spaces and transport facilities.

The plans also provide for a stronger emphasis on local character in planning decisions and a basis for the improvement of residential areas, including the regeneration of the Heath Town Estate.

In a referendum on the plans held on 17 July, 2014, 92% of people in Tettenhall and 91% in Heathfield Park voted yes to the proposals. The council agreed to the formal 'making' or approval of the neighbourhood plans at its Full Council meeting on 17 September, 2014.

Councillor Elias Mattu, Wolverhampton City Council's Cabinet Member for Leisure and Communities, said: "Now that the neighbourhood plans have been formally 'made' they hold considerable legal status.

"All developers will be expected to consult with the local community before submitting a planning application to the council - and all applications will need to be accompanied by evidence that the community has been consulted.

"I'm delighted to say that the Neighbourhood Forums who worked so hard to create the plans will continue to play an important role by monitoring and implementing the policies in the plans, particularly in relation to their application in planning decisions".

  • released: Monday 22 September, 2014