Work on a road improvement programme to support a major regeneration development will continue through the summer.

The latest phase of the Wobaston Road Highway Improvement Scheme, which includes the closure of Patshull Avenue, is to continue during the coming weeks.

The junction was originally due to reopen to traffic earlier in the summer but, due to delays caused by utility companies encountering problems with the diversion of underground cables and pipes, it will now remain closed until 30 August.

A shuttle bus that links the estate to services on Stafford Road will continue to run while the road remains closed. Existing diversions for all traffic will also remain in place.

The Wobaston Road Improvement Scheme will see the creation of an extra carriageway between Patshull Avenue and Vine Island, improved traffic signal junction at Patshull Avenue and better pedestrian and cycle facilities.

Works will also see the completion of the shared footpath and cycle lane from The Droveway to Vine Island. The £3.5 million scheme, which is being funded by the Department for Transport's Local Pinch Point Fund, is aimed at supporting the i54 South Staffordshire site and businesses in the area.

Councillor Peter Bilson, Wolverhampton City Council's Cabinet Member for Economic Regeneration and Prosperity, said: "Unfortunately, this closure is taking longer than expected due to unforeseen problems with some underground pipes and cables that needed diverting.

"Workers also encountered a section of rock in the ground which took a lot longer to excavate through than anticipated. This was not shown on any of the surveys that were undertaken prior to the works.

"We appreciate this extended closure will have an effect on people in the area and we thank them for the patience they have shown so far.

"But once this vital project is completed, it will support the i54 development that is already bringing significant benefits to the area and we will have the infrastructure to cope with the increased traffic."

When the road reopens at the end of August, vehicles wishing to turn into Patshull Avenue from Wobaston Road will be restricted to left turn only and vehicles exiting Patshull Avenue onto Wobaston Road will be restricted to left turn only.

This will be a temporary measure and will continue until completion of the highway improvement scheme.

Most of the work will be carried out during off peak hours to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum.

  • released: Tuesday 29 July, 2014