A weight loss champion is encouraging people in Wolverhampton to support 2 city wide fitness challenges.

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Councillor Paul Sweet, who has lost more than 4 stone in his own battle of the bulge, wants residents who are on a health kick to put their efforts towards the Million Pounds and Million Miles for Wolverhampton challenges.

They were launched by Wolverhampton City Council's Public Health team last month to help tackle obesity in Wolverhampton. The challenges throw down the gauntlet to the people of Wolverhampton to collectively complete 1,000,000 miles or lose 1,000,000 lbs.

Residents are being encouraged to record their distances on the online Million Miles for Wolverhampton totaliser whenever they walk, swim, cycle or run a mile or more. Residents who are slimming down are asked to add every pound they lose to the Shed a Million Pounds for Wolverhampton challenge totaliser.

Councillor Sweet, who was 22st 7.5lbs when he embarked on his weight loss challenge in September 2014 and is now 18st 3.5lbs, said: "These challenges are a great way for our city to collectively do something about the obesity epidemic we are facing by recognising the achievements of people who are getting in shape.

"It's very easy to get involved - people simply need to log on to Type=articles;Articleid=5683;Title=Tackling obesity in Wolverhampton; and enter the number of miles they have completed while exercising, or the number of pounds they've dropped while they're losing weight.

"I've added the 60lbs I've lost and the 719 miles I've completed when I've been working out, and doing so is not only very rewarding but is also helping Wolverhampton get a little bit closer to the magic million mark.

"So whether you've walked a mile or run 20, or shed a pound or 5 stone, please add them to the totalisers and help Wolverhampton complete these important challenges. I'd also encourage sports clubs and slimming groups to collectively add their members' achievements to help us reach the million mark even more quickly."

Councillor Sandra Samuels, Wolverhampton City Council's Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing, said: "We've had a great response from the people of Wolverhampton to the 2 challenges that we've set them, and while we have got a long way to go until we reach our targets, I am confident that together we can do it.

"There are of course many good reasons to either work towards or maintain a healthy weight and fitness level, from the immediate benefits of having more energy and feeling better about yourself to longer term rewards like reducing risks of potentially life threatening conditions like stroke, heart disease, cancer and type 2 diabetes."

To find out more about the Million Pounds and Million Miles challenges, and to record pounds shed or miles completed, please visit Type=articles;Articleid=5683;Title=Tackling obesity in Wolverhampton;.

Anyone supporting the challenge is also invited to share their efforts on Twitter by using the hashtag #wecantw8. To follow Councillor Sweet's personal challenge, log on to Type=links;Linkid=4188;Title=slimlinesweet;Target=_blank;.

People inspired to improve their fitness levels can find out about the great new membership packages available at Wolverhampton City Council's WV Active leisure centres starting from just £10 per month - please visit Type=links;Linkid=4852;Title=WV Active;Target=_blank; for more details.

  • released: Friday 27 February, 2015