City of Wolverhampton Council has extended the opening hours of its 2 tips for the remainder of the summer.

The household waste and recycling centres at Shaw Road and Anchor Lane will each open until 7pm one day each week. They will also open earlier at weekends - at 8am instead of 10am on Saturdays and Sundays.

Shaw Road will open until 7pm on Wednesday nights and Anchor Lane will open until 7pm on Thursday nights. The later openings will continue until 4 October when the evenings start to get darker.

The earlier weekend openings will continue until further notice.

Councillor Steve Evans, Cabinet Member for City Environment, said: "We know that customers have been frustrated by longer than normal queues at our 2 tips. People understand that we are having to manage huge cuts from Central Government and cannot carry on offering the services we did before, however we've listened to customer concerns about the tip hours and have taken the decision to open earlier at weekends and open each site until 7pm one day a week.

"We very much hope that giving people this increased flexibility will alleviate some of the queuing issues."

Opening hours of each site are as follows:

Anchor Lane

Monday         10am to 4pm

Tuesday        CLOSED

Wednesday   CLOSED

Thursday       10am to 7pm

Friday             10am to 4pm

Saturday        8am to 4pm (to continue until further notice)

Sunday          8am to 4pm (to continue until further notice)


Shaw Road

Monday           10am to 4pm

Tuesday          10am to 4pm

Wednesday    10am to 7pm

Thursday         CLOSED

Friday               CLOSED

Saturday          8am to 4pm (to continue until further notice)

Sunday             8am to 4pm (to continue until further notice)

  • released: Thursday 20 August, 2015