Students have been thanked for helping to create a visual identity for an advocacy service which supports those who are unhappy with the medical care they receive.

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Young people from Colton Hills Community School took part in a competition to design the new logo to mark the first birthday of the Wolverhampton Health Advocacy Complaints Service - and the winning design was unveiled by the Mayor of Wolverhampton earlier this month.

Wolverhampton Health Advocacy Complaints Service launched in April 2013 and over the last 12 months has helped more than 150 local people either make complaints about, or get explanations about, the treatment they have received from the NHS.

Judith Stroud, Advocacy Co-ordinator, said: "We've had a very successful first year and wanted to celebrate it by developing a new logo so that we can make even more people aware of the service we provide.

"We've always strived to make Wolverhampton Health Advocacy Complaints Service part of the community it serves - for instance, by training unemployed residents to become paid advocates, and so we approached Colton Hills about creating a logo for us.

"The IT students rose to the challenge and created a variety of wonderful logos and I'd like to particularly congratulate Biraj Sharma who came up with the winning design. In fact, we were so impressed by the quality of the students' work that we're also working with them to develop our website."

She added: "I'd encourage anyone who has any issues with the care they have received to contact Wolverhampton Health Advocacy Complaints Service for support.

"With some people, all they want is help with writing a letter, others need help with taking cases to the ombudsman. Whatever the level of help they need, all of our clients have found our service to be there for them when they needed it, and to help them through their difficult process."

For more information about Wolverhampton Health Advocacy Complaints Service, please visit Type=links;Linkid=3303;Title=Wolverhampton Health Advocacy Complaints Service;Target=_blank; or call 01902 572399.

  • released: Monday 28 April, 2014