At around 10pm on Tuesday (23 May) the Prime Minister raised the national security state to critical. This means that not only does an attack remain highly likely but a further attack may be imminent.

The Prime Minister also authorised support from the military alongside the police. This will free up armed officers from certain guarding duties to release officers across the UK to support the wider national response.

This is part of an agreed and well rehearsed national plan and where they are deployed, military personnel will remain under the command and control of the police service.

As soon as the announcement was made, we implemented our locally tailored plan, this included keeping officers on duty. 
We are flexing our resources and increasing our presence at key sites, such as transport and other crowded places and we continue to review key events and entertainment venues. 

People will notice an increase in the number of armed officers at these and other locations. While this is a precautionary measure, these highly visible patrols will continue for as long as is needed.

You would expect us to do everything possible to prevent further attacks and keep you safe.

At the same time we need your help.

Please remain calm but alert. If you see anything that causes you concern, then let us know immediately, if you have suspicions about someone's behaviour call us.

Look out for anything that seems out of place, unusual or doesn't seem to fit in with day-to-day life.

It may be nothing but if you see or hear anything that could be terrorist related trust your instinct no matter how small then ACT and call 999 or the police anti terrorist hotline on 0800 789 321.

Follow this link - Type=links;Linkid=8471;Title=ACT - Action Counters Terrorism;Target=_blank;  for more information on how you can play your part in helping to tackle the terrorist threat in the UK.

  • released: Wednesday 24 May, 2017