City of Wolverhampton Council has revealed work will begin in January on the third phase of newbuild council housing on small derelict sites.

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Harper Group PLC has been awarded the contract to deliver 26 homes across 5 sites.

They will be developing 3, 2 bedroom houses, 4, 1bedroom flats and 4, 2 bedroom flats on Wolverhampton Road (Wednesfield South), 6, 2 bedroom houses on Newman Road (Fallings Park), 4, 2 bedroom houses on Parker Road garage site (Wednesfield North), and 3, 2 bedroom bungalows and 2, 2 bedroom houses on Peach Road (Wednesfield North).

Harper Group PLC has also made a commitment to using local sub contractors and trainees as part of the project.

The small site build pilot phase saw 12 homes successfully completed and occupied in spring 2016.

In phase 2, a further 21 homes will be handed over to tenants between now and January.

This includes 6, 2bedroom bungalows at Lord Street by Wates Living Space, and 9, 2 bedroom houses at Harrowby Road and Clare Crescent, and 6, 1 bedroom flats at Brooklands Parade by United Living.

Councillor Peter Bilson, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for City Assets and Housing, said: "This scheme is helping smarten up neighbourhoods in the city while providing affordable housing to residents in housing need, and for vulnerable people.

"The first 2 phases have been a great success with the contractors delivering what we asked of them.

"It has proved to be an effective way to deliver new homes and, crucially, increases the city's houses stock when it needs it most."

The pilot phase saw Wates Living Space complete 7, 2 bedroom, 4 person homes across 3 small sites at Hughes Road, Redcotts Close and Welbury Gardens; while United Living developed 5 wheelchair compliant bungalows - appropriate for older people with limited mobility - at Sunset Place.

The scheme is monitored through a joint project team from City of Wolverhampton Council and Wolverhampton Homes, to ensure the new council homes are built to a high standard.

  • released: Friday 8 December, 2017