City of Wolverhampton's Alternative Giving Campaign will come into focus during Small Charity Week (Monday 19 June to Friday 24 June).

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The aim is to highlight the work of the 3 city charities who benefit from and support the campaign - P3, Wolverhampton Street Pastors and St George's HUB.

The Alternative Giving Campaign encourages people to donate money directly to local homeless charities, rather than giving it directly to someone begging on the city centre streets.

Research has found that only 19% people begging on the streets of the UK are actually homeless. The other 81% found to be begging were using profits made to buy drugs, alcohol or simply to fund their lifestyle.

The Alternative Giving scheme was set up by the Wolverhampton BID Co Ltd. It aims to ensure that money goes direct to service providers/charities that help the homeless in Wolverhampton. By giving to the scheme, rather than directly to beggars, the public can then ensure their money is used as their good will intended.

Since October people have been able to make donations in collection boxes across the city centre.

The money collected is distributed by Wolverhampton BID Co Ltd to the three homelessness charities to help the homeless and vulnerable individuals in the City of Wolverhampton.

Councillor John Reynolds, City of Wolverhampton Cabinet Member for City Economy, said: "The three small charities involved in the Alternative Giving Campaign do a tremendous job and, during Small Charity Week, I would urge people to find out more about the excellent work they do.

"All money given by kind-hearted Wolverhampton residents through the Alternative Giving Campaign is handed to these three charities to support the work they are doing to improve the current circumstances of the homeless and vulnerable by offering them accommodation, assistance and advice.

"The best way to help people positively change their lives is by homeless organisations and the public working together."

Cherry Shine, BID Director, said: "Helping the homeless and vulnerable individuals with the right support is fundamental to this initiative. By providing an easy way to donate directly to these worthy charities, and working with the right agencies, we will be able to support a positive change in our city centre."

For more information on the scheme visit Type=links;Linkid=8532;Title=The Alternative Giving Campaign Wolverhampton;Target=_blank;.

St. George's HUB, based on St Mark's Road, Chapel Ash, was delighted to receive funds via the Alternative Giving Campaign. 

Chief Executive of St. George's HUB, Fazia Bano, said: "Wolverhampton people are very generous and, as a small charity, we are thrilled to be part of an initiative that is seeking to help some of the city's most vulnerable citizens.  Any donation made by the general public goes directly towards contributing towards our Breakfast Club. On a daily basis this crucial service makes a massive difference to the lives of excluded and marginalised men in the city.

"St. George's HUB is unique and vital for the city, the service is resolutely 'Open Door' and no referral is required.  In partnership as a city we can simultaneously help the most vulnerable and offer a practical alternative to begging. We are proud to be playing an active role in this exciting initiative."

Sam Bailey, P3 Navigator, based in School Street, said: "We have worked with over 1,000 people at our Navigator service in the city over the past 12 months and enabled over 700 people to access secure accommodation and not return to the streets; a big part of this is establishing their trust as so much of what we do relies on building relationships with people.

"We also need to look for real long-term solutions to tackle homelessness and give people some hope of life off the streets. The people we see want real change - they want to believe that they can rebuild their lives - that we can offer a route away from homelessness and that will bring about real and lasting change, enabling them to reconnect with their communities and find somewhere to call home.

"My hope is that by continuing to work together and sharing initiatives like the Alternative Giving Campaign we will be able to ensure everyone on the streets can access the full range of support needed."

  • released: Friday 16 June, 2017