There are still a few days left for people to share their ideas about how Bantock House Museum is run in the future.

Wolverhampton City Council is looking to develop an alternative way of running the popular attraction, building on its successful assets as well as increasing income and reducing running costs.

The aim is for Bantock House Museum to operate without the need for the subsidy it currently receives from the council.

Last month people took part in special sessions at Bantock House where they could share their ideas with council bosses, and anyone who wasn't able to attend can still give their comments by completing a short online survey, available at Type=links;Linkid=3281;Title=Bantock House Museum - Listening Exercise;Target=_blank; until this Friday (2 May).

The survey asks for people to comment on how Bantock House Museum could operate with less council subsidy, how the buildings and park could be used to reduce council subsidy, and for suggestions for events or activities which would contribute towards running costs.

Specific options will be developed for the future management of Bantock House Museum later this year.

  • released: Monday 28 April, 2014