Residents in Wolverhampton are being encouraged to swap their usual commute for a cheaper and healthier option during Walk to Work Week - by travelling some or all of the way on foot.

Organised by the Living Streets charity, Walk to Work Week begins on Monday (11 May, 2015) and is an opportunity for employees across the UK to make walking an integral part of their regular routine.

Wolverhampton's Director of Public Health Ros Jervis said: "Walk to Work Week is a great opportunity for people to leave their car at home or get off the bus a stop early and enjoy a more leisurely commute.

"Walking for just half an hour each day can transform your fitness levels, reduce stress and vastly improve your concentration levels for the day ahead.

"Physically active employees are also less likely to suffer from major health problems, to take sickness or have an accident at work."

Joe Irvin, Chief Executive of Living Streets, added: "Walk to Work Week 2015 is about demonstrating how easy it is to incorporate more steps into your working day.

"We want employees and employers across the UK to discover the benefits of walking and how much better it can make us all feel.

"Whether it's walking all or part of the journey to work or stepping out of the office for a lunchtime walk, walking is a free and easy way to work more exercise into your daily routine."

People who are taking part in Walk to Work Week are also being urged to add miles they walk onto the Million Miles for Wolverhampton online totaliser.

Launched in response to the city's fight against obesity, Million Miles challenges the city to collectively complete one million miles, either walking, cycling, swimming or running. For more information, and to record miles, please visit Type=articles;Articleid=5683;Title=Tackling obesity in Wolverhampton;.

Along with Walk to School Week from 18-22 May, Walk to Work Week forms a part of National Walking Month, dedicated to celebrating the health benefits of walking. For more information about Walk to Work Week, please visit Type=links;Linkid=6018;Title=Living Streets - Walk to Work Week;Target=_blank;.

  • released: Thursday 7 May, 2015