Reminders are being sent out now to residents in Wolverhampton who haven't yet registered to vote.

Forms will be landing on doormats over the next couple of weeks and households are being urged to complete their registration as soon as possible.

The forms are used to compile the electoral register, which has to be updated annually, and will mean people are eligible to vote in the local council and European Parliament elections in May 2014.

Being on the electoral register is a legal requirement, and as it is used as part of the credit checking process, people that aren't may find they have trouble getting credit, a bank account, mortgage or even a mobile phone.

Around half of households in Wolverhampton have already registered - but more than 50,000 have yet to do so.

Wolverhampton City Council's Electoral Services Manager David Garner said: "Registering to vote is very simple - all people have to do is check the information contained on the forms includes everyone in their household who is eligible to vote and either confirm the details with us, or and amend and update it if necessary."

If no changes to the form are required, people can confirm their details - and request a postal vote and opt out of the Edited Register - by logging on to Type=links;Linkid=2649;Title=Registration Service;Target=_blank; or calling free on 0800 197 3646 using the security codes printed on the form. If additions or changes are required, people should complete the form and send it back in the freepost envelope supplied.

David said: "Wherever possible, we'd urge people to confirm their details over the phone or online, which is quick and easy and also costs council taxpayers less as we don't need to pay postage.

"Already nearly 15,500 households have confirmed their details over the phone or online this year, up 3,000 on the same stage in 2012, and this has saved council taxpayers around £2,500."

The reminder forms will be delivered by Sunday 1 December, 2013, and registration should be completed as soon as possible.

  • released: Monday 11 November, 2013