A free event on Tuesday (14 February) will give residents and professionals the chance to discover and share the little things which can make us all feel better and safer.

#SmallGoodThings takes place at the Bob Jones Community Hub in Blakenhall from 10am-4pm on Valentine's Day and will celebrate ways in which people can improve their own quality of life - and that of others.

Councillor Roger Lawrence, Chair of Wolverhampton's Health and Wellbeing Board, said: "#SmallGoodThings is open to anyone.

"Whether you're active in your local community, for instance part of a social group or community organisation, or you're thinking of becoming more active, or you simply want to find out more about some of the activities in Wolverhampton which might benefit you and your family, this is the event for you.

"We also want to capture the fantastic things taking place in and around Wolverhampton and add them to the growing Wolverhampton Information Network database, an interactive online guide to the help and support which is available in the City.

"And we want to bring together like minded individuals together in the hope that they may be inspired to start doing their own #SmallGoodThings in their local community."

The day will feature a series of presentations from individuals and groups about the #SmallGoodThings they do, as well as drama presentations and workshops on a range of subjects.

There will also be a marketplace where over 30 local organisations will be showcasing their services, speed dating-style sessions through which people can get to know more about what's on offer in the city, and demonstrations of self-help resources like Type=links;Linkid=5929;Title=Wolverhampton Information Network;Target=_blank;.

Ian Darch, Chair of Wolverhampton's Inclusion Board, said: "#SmallGoodThings is about empowering people to improve the health and wellbeing of themselves and other people by celebrating the ways in which we can help one another, for instance checking on a neighbour who is housebound, offering to walk someone's dog for them when they cannot, arranging a social event or even helping to sort out a problem which is troubling someone."

#SmallGoodThings takes place at the Bob Jones Community Hub, Bromley Street, Blakenhall. There are two sessions, one from 10am to 1pm and another from 1pm to 4pm. Entry is free and refreshments will be available throughout the day.

  • released: Thursday 9 February, 2017