Leaders are passionate about Aldersley High School and ambitious to improve, says Ofsted which has rated the Wolverhampton school "Good".

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Inspector Nigel Griffiths visited the Barnhurst Lane school on 7 March and found that Executive Principal Nicola Davis and her leadership team have "maintained the good quality of education" at Aldersley since it was last rated good in November 2014.

He found that leaders are "passionate about the school and ambitious to improve wider standards", and that parents and carers spoke highly of the school, which is now part of the Amethyst Academies Trust.

Pupils praised the "teaching, support and opportunities" they receive. Pupils "are happy, make friends and feel safe", with attendance rate consistently above the national average - and all those who spoke to the inspector said they would recommend their school to others.

There are "high standards of behaviour and engagement evident in lessons" and older pupils said the school has improved, particularly over the last couple of years.

The school has focused on improving teaching quality, with a programme of continuing professional development allowing teachers to gain new qualifications and so improving teaching practice. Pupils' overall progress is above the national average, and while outcomes for girls are better, boys' rates of progress are improving and the gap is closing.

Leaders are "committed to improving pupils' employability skills", with a focus on developing debating and public-speaking skills to improve pupils' learning and prepare them even better for future carers. As a result, pupils regularly address their classmates formally, discussing topics such as hobbies and interests. The curriculum for older pupils is now "far more academic and better meets pupils' needs and aspirations", enabling them to access employment and higher education opportunities.

Mrs Davis, who was recently appointed a National Leader of Education, meaning she can offer support to other schools, said: "We are very pleased with this inspection report which reflects the hard work and dedication of everyone at Aldersley High School.

"I am most proud of the quote included by Ofsted from one of our parents, who described Aldersley as 'a great school with a dedicated team of staff who ensure that children are the priority, giving the children total support both academically and pastorally'."

Meredith Teasdale, the City of Wolverhampton Council's Director of Education, said: "I would like to congratulate Nicola Davis and everyone connected to Aldersley High School on this very positive inspection report; it is clear how happy and well supported the pupils are, and that they are responding well to the many improvements which are being made at Aldersley."

Nearly 90% of schools in Wolverhampton are now rated either Good or Outstanding by Ofsted.

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  • released: Wednesday 25 April, 2018