Pupils from Elston Hall Primary School have become the latest to find out about local democracy and life as the Mayor of Wolverhampton.

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Members of the school council visited the Civic Centre on Tuesday (9 May, 2017) to take part in a mock council meeting with the Mayor of Wolverhampton, Councillor Barry Findlay, before enjoying a tour of the Mayor's Parlour in the company of the Mayor and Mayoress, Margaret Findlay.

Mayor Councillor Findlay said: "I was delighted to welcome the young people from Elston Hall Primary School to the City of Wolverhampton Council and to give them a taste of local democracy and what it's like to be Mayor of our wonderful City.

"The pupils joined me for a short meeting in the Council Chamber, where they asked me all manner of questions about the workings of the council and about the role of Mayor. This included what I like most about being Mayor, which for me has to be the honour of being invited to officially open new services and developments and in doing so seeing the incredible transformation which is underway in Wolverhampton.

"The pupils then joined us for a look around the Mayor's Parlour, and saw for themselves many of the important items we keep on display, such as the various gifts which have been donated to the City of Wolverhampton by visiting dignitaries over the years.

"It was a very enjoyable occasion, both for us and for the pupils, and I know my successor Councillor Elias Mattu, who will be Mayor of Wolverhampton for 2017 to 2018, is looking forward to welcoming more schools during his year in office."

Teacher Amy Hubble said: "The school council children enjoyed the visit to the City of Wolverhampton Council and meeting the Mayor, and have shared their experiences with their classes."

The school visits are aimed primarily at primary, infant and junior pupils, though secondary schools which are studying elements of democracy are also welcome to arrange a visit. To find out more, schools are invited to call 01902 554090 or 554091 or email mayoral@wolverhampton.gov.uk.

The Mayor of Wolverhampton is the First Citizen and The Queen's representative in the City.

The role involves acting as an ambassador for the City, encouraging a sense of civic pride amongst local young people, promoting the City regionally and internationally and fostering good working relationships with local industry and business.

The Mayor also supports local charities and community groups, attends religious and cultural events of all faiths and denominations, chairs council meetings, receives local, regional, national and international visitors and represents the City at civic functions and engagements.

To find out more please visit Type=articles;Articleid=1906;Title=The Mayor of Wolverhampton;.

  • released: Thursday 11 May, 2017