Unemployed residents interested in pursuing a career in construction are celebrating after successfully completing a 4 week taster programme.

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As part of the Fast Track into Construction programme, 8 trainees completed the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS card), proving they have the necessary skills and ability to work on a construction site safely.

They also had the opportunity to gain practical work experience and try out different trades on a construction site organised by Wolverhampton Homes and contractors Bullocks. Meanwhile, West Midlands Fire Service provided team building exercises and a Heart Start Awareness Course.

The programme was organised by Wolverhampton City Council's Enterprising Communities Team in partnership with Wolverhampton Homes' Employability Team and Heart and Soul Community, which works with unemployed residents in Bushbury, Low Hill and The Scotlands.

The successful trainees received their certificates from Councillor Elias Mattu, Cabinet Member for Leisure and Communities, at an event at the Church of the Good Shepherd in Low Hill on Friday (7 November, 2014).

He said: "The Fast Track into Construction Project is the first of many initiatives and part of a new approach by our Enterprising Communities team to work proactively with the most disadvantaged and excluded communities in the city and address the barriers to people entering employment, enterprise or learning.

"This will ensure that our local communities are able to benefit fully from economic growth in the city.

"I'd like to congratulate all the trainees who completed the Fast Track into Construction programme and have demonstrated they have the skills and ability to work in construction, and wish them every success in their search for employment."

Kerry Richards, who has successfully completed the Construction Skills Certification Scheme, said, 'Previously I have worked in a factory, been a cleaner and a housewife. However reaching 40 years of age I wanted a career change to do something a bit more challenging especially as a woman.

"Being on the Fast Track into Construction programme has been very enjoyable and I have been given the opportunity to go on a work placement and try my hand at different skills within the construction field.

"I now know that my future employment will be working in construction and having now achieved the CSCS Card I will be looking for further training to achieve my dream."

If people want further information about the scheme please contact Manjit Cheema on 01902 556625 or manjit.cheema@wolverhampton.gov.uk.

  • released: Tuesday 11 November, 2014