People in Wolverhampton who have registered to vote should now have received either their poll card or details about postal voting for next month's local and European elections.

Voters will go to the polls on Thursday 22 May, 2014, with candidates standing in 20 seats on Wolverhampton City Council, as well as 7 seats in the European Parliament.

Staff working for Wolverhampton City Council's Electoral Services department have been out and about over the last few days delivering cards to everyone who is on the Electoral Register.

People should have received either a poll card providing important information about their local polling station or, if they have opted to receive a postal vote, a card stating that their postal voting papers will be sent out around 12 May, 2014.

David Garner, Wolverhampton City Council's Electoral Services Manager, said: "Everyone who is eligible to vote has a chance to have their say at the local and European elections next month, and the cards which have been delivered over the last few days give important information about people can go about doing this.

"If anyone hasn't received either their poll card or details about postal voting, it is more than likely it is because they are not on the Electoral Register. I'd urge people to make sure they are registered to vote as soon as possible, and they can do this either by calling us on 01902 551177 or by logging on to Type=links;Linkid=2650;Title=About my vote;Target=_blank; before 6 May, 2014.

"Anyone who is on the Electoral Register but either did not receive their poll card or subsequently mislays it will still be able to vote by attending their local polling station between 7am and 10pm on 22 May and stating their name and address.

"And if anyone cannot attend the polling station for any reason - perhaps because they are on holiday - there's still time to apply for either a postal vote or to vote by proxy, which is when someone votes on their behalf. People should call us as soon as possible on 01902 551177 if they need to do either of these."

Anyone with any questions about voting arrangements, or is unsure whether they are on the Electoral Register, should call the Electoral Services team on 01902 551177.

One seat in each of Wolverhampton's 20 wards will be contested on 22 May. Nominations close at 4pm next Thursday 24 April, 2014, and a list of candidates for each ward will be published by 4pm the next day.

  • released: Thursday 17 April, 2014