Wolverhampton residents have been warned about suspicious calls from phone scammers who are targeting the city.

City of Wolverhampton Council's Trading Standards team have issued an alert after receiving a number of complaints.

The tricksters have been ringing households, some of whom have been elderly, pretending to be from the council. They tell the householders they are entitled to compensation following an accident and then ask for personal details or even attempt to arrange a meeting at the person's home.

If the residents query the callers they have become offensive and abusive.

Andy Jervis, the council's head of regulatory services, said: "It is very concerning that these scammers seem to be targeting vulnerable residents and pretending to be from the council.

"The council would never ring people offering to put in a compensation claim and certainly would not ask for personal details over the phone.

"If you receive a suspicious call then the best thing to do is simply hang up the phone right away. Do not engage them in conversation and under no circumstances give out any information about yourself or your household.

"If you have elderly relatives or neighbours, please make sure they are aware of this alert and pass on the advice to ignore the calls."

If you think you have been targeted by the fraudsters, please call Trading Standards on 01902 551155

  • released:¬†Friday 25¬†September, 2015