Work has started to prepare 2 popular paddling pools in Wolverhampton for the summer season, and they are expected to open in time for the late May Bank Holiday.

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Engineers have been carrying out general maintenance work at Tettenhall Pool and East Park Pool, including testing the pumping mechanisms and sealing any cracks which may have formed in the lining of the pools over the winter months.

The pools will also be cleaned before Wolverhampton City Council and Severn Trent Water begin the time consuming task of filling each pool with water, which is likely to start on Monday (12 May, 2014).

Tettenhall Pool holds 153,978 gallons of water - the equivalent of 1,231,842 pints -and because of its size takes 3 or 4 days to fill. The smaller East Park Pool can hold approximately 32,995 gallons, or 263,960 pints, and will be filled in a couple of days.

Finally, the water purity must be laboratory tested before the pools can be opened to the public, though the city council expects both to be open by the late May Bank Holiday Weekend as normal. They will then remain open throughout the summer season.

  • released: Wednesday 7 May, 2014