Wolverhampton has played host to a delegation of Nigerian Local Government officials.

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The group of 33 elected executives from the Nigerian Union of Local Government Employees (NULGE) visited the city to find out how the council deals with issues of leadership and management.

The delegation was led by the organisation's president - Comrade Ibrahim Khaleel - at the invitation of the University of Wolverhampton Business School.

The Business School developed a programme to help the delegates understand key principles of governance, leadership and management in UK local authorities.

Six senior officers from Wolverhampton City Council worked alongside business school academics to share UK practice of local governance.

Welcoming the delegates to the University of Wolverhampton, the Vice Chancellor, Professor Geoff Layer said: "As a University, we are committed to investing resources in the communities in which we operate, particularly Nigeria. We seek to do this through partnerships with institutions, such as NULGE, as well as working with individuals".

Speaking for the Business School, the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Dr Anthea Gregory, said: "The Business School has developed and grown it's partnership working with Nigerian communities through a range of capacity building programmes with Nigerian institutions.

"Our relationship and work with NULGE is yet another opportunity to continue to empower individuals and communities in Nigeria."

The delegates were welcomed at a civic reception held by the Mayor of Wolverhampton, Councillor Milkinder Jaspal.

Councillor Jaspal said: "We were delighted to welcome such distinguished representatives of Nigeria's local government to our city.

"It was fascinating to learn of the challenges they face as their country undergoes massive change and a pleasure to share our own practical knowledge of 21st century local government administration."

Explaining the purpose of the visit, the programme co-ordinator, Dr Paschal Anosike, senior lecturer in HR and leadership, said: "This was a great opportunity for Nigerian local government administrators to develop an understanding of how UK local government works.

"As well as demonstrating current best practice in local administration, officers from the council were able to explain how the British system has evolved to give local authorities greater freedom to innovate than they have ever had before.

"This was particularly relevant to the delegates as Nigeria is on the brink of granting much greater autonomy to its local councils."

"The Business School is pleased to have been able to give NULGE the opportunity to add another dimension to its capacity building programme and we are grateful to Wolverhampton City Council for its continued support."

  • released: Thursday 13 February, 2014